Taekwondo Classes here at First Georgia Moravian Church

Teaching children and their families to live with honor, respect, discipline and strengthening of faith.

 Taekwondo classes build self confidence, the most powerful gift you can give to yourself and your child.  Classes are now being held every Saturday at 10:00 am by one of our member, Delroy McDowell. master instructor in Taekwondo and currently holds a 6th degree black belt. Schedule a meeting with Master McDowell or email him at to determine if Sidekicks is a good fit for both you and your child. Taekwondo training strengthens the physical body and increases mental alertness, instills character, discipline and self respect in kids of all ages.  The lessons are so enduring, and timeless, that parents also benefit from hearing and watching Taekwondo classes taking place.   

Armed with such positive attributes, students Taekwondo develop the inner strength necessary to avoid many temptations facing youth of today.

Come try Taekwondo with Master McDowell!