Prayer Sticks


Prayer Sticks is a Knitting and Crocheting Ministry of First Moravian Church of Georgia.  We meet at 7:30 PM the first Thursday of the Month (often at the church but also at other places around town).  We are currently meeting at Lilburn Cafe which is located in a strip shopping center on Lawrenceville Hwy and Rockbridge Road.  We welcome any and all who have a compassion for using their knitting needles and crochet hooks to create items for others in need. If you would like to join us and/or have any questions please contact Pastor Stephen Weisz.

If you know someone in need of a prayer shawl or other item that we make please contact Pastor Kelly Moore at the above email and we will see if we can help out. 

Our projects thus far have included:

~ Prayer Shawls:   We have created dozens of prayer shawls for those grieving, hurting, or in need of special comfort.  Our prayer shawls have been sent across the United States and even into Canada.  

~ Chemo Hats:  We  have made countless chemo hats that we have given to anyone who is in need of one.  We are always willing to make a chemo hat or two for friends, co-workers or even a stranger.

~ Dolls of Hope:  These are precious dolls knit or crocheted that are sent to children affected by HIV/Aids.  The Board of World Mission of the Moravian Church has taken this project on and whenever anyone is traveling to a country with children affected by HIV/Aids is - they pack their suitcases full of these dolls that will be bring hope to a child who has lost so much.  These dolls have also made their way into many people's homes and hearts.  

~ Hats for the Homeless:  We have created numerous hats that have been given to different organizations and to those in need of a warm hat to cover their heads.

~ Warm Up America Afghan:  We are currently in the process of completing a blanket that follows the warm up America project squares.  When it is completed it will be blessed in worship and given to someone who is in need of a warm blanket.

~ Baby Blankets & Confirmation Shawls:  We create baby blankets and give them to every child of the congregation that this is born upon their birth or baptism.  In 2009 we had 4 young ladies that were confirmed and upon their confirmation they were each given a white shawl that was made by a member of Prayer Sticks.