Rev. Dr. Stephen Weisz

Rev. Dr. Stephen Weisz

Our World is in the balance of Good and Evil.
As followers of Christ, what we do in our
lives will tip the scale.

Our Pastor

The doors of First Moravian Church are wide open.  We are a church of all nations. We would welcome you even if you are only in Atlanta for the weekend. Our members come from many states in the USA as well as islands in the Caribbean and Nicaragua.

The Moravian Church is in full communion with the ELCA Lutherans, The PCUSA Presbyterians and the Episcopal Church. Whatever your denominational background you will find that we
are not all that different from other churches.  The Lord's Table is open to any who wish to receive Holy Communion and there are  any opportunities for service.

I look forward to meeting you any Sunday you can be with us.

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Weisz  ("Pastor Steve")

Christ says,

  • I am there among you
  • I am redemption
  • And I am Peace

Should you have any questions about our church or in need of pastoral support, please do not hesitate to contact us or the church office. As a church family, we look forward to growing in Christ with you.